A New World !

Orbit World Metaverse consists of 7 propositions:

Orbit World also rents out & sells land for affiliates and partners to build their own online presence to benefit from the ecosystem.

Smart home (security & IoT)

eCommerce (traditional and XR-retail shopping)

Online education (K-12, professional, and on-demand)

Healthcare (tele-medicine, remote diagnosis, ePharmacy)

Media (linear, non-linear, gaming, etc)

Payment (in-purchase payment, bill payment)

Customer care (support, robo-advisor)

Our retail hypermarket is planned to have more than 1 million items, will integrate with a payment gateway, a logistics company, AI, and others.   The aim of this tender to create the core system without the store items which will be added later once the HyperMarket inventory is ready.